How to survive valentines day single. Get a Valentine’s Day reality check.

How to survive valentines day single

Buy yourself a nice bottle of wine. Get a membership and go solo. Technical reasons be damned. Keeping heart-healthy is an important aspect of self-love and care. Try these 17 little ways to connect with others if you get too lonely. How to survive valentines day single

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  1. If and when you do meet somebody, you can celebrate being together then. Watch movies that you know a significant other would scoff to death if you ever tried to watch in their presence.

  2. Buy the funny cards you see in novelty card shops and send them to yourself. Season 2 of House of Cards is available on February 14th. If you feel like flirting, fine.

  3. One of the most important keys to relishing the single life is to enjoy your own company. Based in Brooklyn, New York, Whelan writes about mom-centric anything, pets, lifestyle and medical issues. Remember that it is just one arbitrary day out of many, and a little winged child with sharp sticks does not define love.

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